Ms. Betty's Original

Frequently Asked Questions

What size are your candles?
Our hand-poured candles are made with all-natural vegan soy wax and come in 11 ounce Rock Glass containers. These glass containers are 3 1/2" in tall, 3 1/4" in diameter, weigh about 1 1/4 lb each and burn approximately 75 hours.

Our soy travel candles are made with all-natural vegan soy wax and come in 8 ounce tin containers. These containers are 2 inches tall and 3 1/8th inches diameter and burn approximately 35-45 hours when following the instructions on the inside of the lid.

Can we reuse the glass jars? Yes! Once these are thoroughly cleaned out, they are great to use for sipping whiskey, bourbon, cola or your favorite beverage. Keep the recycled paper lid and jar to store cotton balls in the bathroom. Think about the possibilities, but please, do not throw in the trash.

What type of wax do you use for your candles?:
We strictly use 100% all-natural vegan soy wax. This soft wax melts to a liquid, unlike some pillar candles made with paraffin wax, so they need to be kept in the glass container. We recommend an initial burn time of 2-3 hours to help prevent the possibility of tunneling down the middle. Always ensure you burn the candle for a couple of hours each time you use it to allow for a complete melt pool from edge to edge. Limit your burning time to around 4-5 hours max to prevent the entire candle from liquefying since this could overheat the glass.

Do you use natural wicks?
Yes, our wicks are made from a flat cotton wick braided with thin paper threads that gives the wick a rigid structure without the need for a core.

Should we trim the wicks before burning?
Yes, ensure you trim and center your wicks before each use. There are two reasons this is important. One, the flames can get out-of-control if the wick is left untrimmed, which leads to flickering, smoke and soot. Second is that if you keep the wick length between 1/8″ and 1/4″ it will last for many many hours. Our candles are conservatively rated to burn for around 75 hours. Also, wicks can get really awkward to trim with scissors once the candle burns down low in the jar. If you find yourself struggling, it is recommended to invest in a wick trimmer.

Do you use essential or fragrance oils for the scent?
Our candles are made with a combination of the maximum recommended amount of fragrance/essential oils for our wax. If you’re having a hard time smelling the scent, it may be because the room is too large for this size candle. You can increase/concentrate the scent by moving it to a smaller room or as you might guess, we recommend buying additional candles. To make sure you’re not getting used to the smell, you can step outside or shut the room’s door for a while to re-expose yourself to the scent.

Do you have instructions or a safety labels?
All of our candles have burning instructions and safety warnings underneath the lids. Candles should never be left unattended. Burn on a flat, heat resistant surface away from drapes and other flammable materials and need we say, keep away from children and pets. Do not touch the hot, molten wax. Ms. Betty's Bad-Ass Candles is not responsible for user misuse and negligence.