Ms. Betty's Original

Soy Candles, Body Butter, Greeting Cards and Lip Balm

A Little Bit About Us

Ms. Betty's Original Bad-Ass Soy Candles is a business started by Scott and Margi Higdon in the fall of 2013. The inspiration for this entire brand is our friend Betty. She always says it like it is and if you get your feelings hurt, you just don't get her.

It all started when we wanted to give Betty a unique gift for her birthday. Betty loves candles and since she was the original inspiration, we wanted to give her a candle that would capture her energy and especially her attitude.  We brainstormed for a while trying to get just the right name. When we did, we knew it and "Ms. Betty's Original Bad-Ass Bitch" soy candle was created. Instead of a listing the scent on the label, we used the phrase, "Any scent I F'N want" because that is exactly the type of response Betty would give you, if asked. We gave the first candle to her and she absolutely loved it.

We have been able to involve our family and friends along the way and we are all enjoying watching our business grow. If we aren't preparing candles, then we were ordering more supplies or tracking shipments and taking care of our customers.

Our goal is to create the best customer service experience and premium soy candles you can buy, from our use of all natural soy and reusable rock glasses (psst, they're whiskey glasses), to our recycled paper dust caps. We want that special person to know that when they receive one of our candles, they are bad-ass.